Mitchell Daues – Owner | CEO

mitchell daues

Mitchell Daues – Owner | CEO

Mitchell Daues is a pool cleaning professional who has made it his mission to help families make the most of their precious moments together. Armed with a degree from Texas State University, Mitchell has accumulated over a decade of experience in the pool cleaning industry. However, what sets him apart is his deep commitment to family values.

With two children of his own, Mitchell understands the importance of quality family time. He knows that those fleeting moments, whether it’s basking in the sun or enjoying a swim, are priceless. This realization prompted him to take the leap and start his own pool cleaning company.

Mitchell’s company isn’t just about pool maintenance; it’s about preserving those special moments for families. He believes that no family should miss out on valuable time spent by the pool due to the hassles of pool upkeep.

At the heart of Mitchell’s business is a promise to deliver clean, pristine pools, allowing families to dive into relaxation and create lasting memories. His expertise goes beyond surface-level cleaning; he and his team take the time to understand each pool’s unique needs and tailor their services accordingly.

Mitchell’s passion for ensuring customer satisfaction is unwavering. He understands that maintaining a pool can be time-consuming and complex, but he is dedicated to shouldering that responsibility, so you don’t have to. His commitment to excellence means that your pool will always be in top-notch condition, ready for you to enjoy those sunny days and refreshing swims without a care in the world.

In essence, Mitchell Daues is not just a pool cleaner; he is a champion of family time. He believes in making life simpler for families by ensuring their pools are always pristine, so they can focus on creating beautiful memories together. With Mitchell’s services, you can count on having a clean and inviting pool, ensuring that your family moments are nothing short of unforgettable.